Shared (Videos|Pictures|Music) in Public

There are three folders in the Public folder, I think deleted them more than once but they are coming back. Is there a way to really delete them?

They are generated by the Twonky media server. See this thread:

No, not really. You cannot set the main Public Share to Private either. Its a complaint we’ve long been making.

There are however unofficial methods of possibly hiding or removing the main Public Share. Here are two discussions on hiding the Public Share. Use the forum search (magnifying glass icon upper right) to find other discussions on this issue.

It is isn’t about the Public folder by itself but about folders inside.

The same information that applies to attempting to hide the main Public folder would also apply to any subfolder within the main Public folder. One would use the name of the subfolder rather than the main Public folder.

Apparently the problem stems from the Twonky media server using the main public folder as its aggregation points and the WD My Cloud firmware recreating those folders each time the unit is rebooted (or reset). That’s why changing the Samba configuration file to hide the three subfolders from file managers like Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder may be one way to work around the issue.

Unfortunately the single bay My Cloud firmware does not allow for fine control over the subfolders within a Share including the main Public Share. All subfolders inherit its permissions and user settings from the Share. There have been requests to change this “feature” to allow for more granular control over the subfolders, but WD hasn’t seen fit to include this option in firmware updates.

And, as I said, it’s due to Twonky. You can change where those folders are created.

Read the Twonky FAQ link I posted.