Shared USB drive not accessible after 12/14 firmware update

I use a 2TB drive plugged into my 3TB MyCloud, and it’s been easily accessible on the network with no problems. This morning I clicked to access the drive, and it was not on the network. Accessing the dashboard, I saw that it showed no external drive, so I unplugged and restarted the drive, after which the share did again show up in the dashboard. It also showed public access as being on. It also shows a firmware update at 4AM this morning, so I’m assuming it’s related to the problem.

However, when I try to access it via the network, it still shows no such drive. Opening the MyCloud, I see the usual public and private folders, but no “Drive_X_2”, which is what the drive is called and still shows as being the case via the dashboard. So, according to the dashboard, it’s there, working, shared, and all is well, but I can’t access it.

Is there a way to undo this firmware update and shut off auto updates? All was working fine until this.


I recommend you contact WD support for assistance with this issue.

In the past this has been an issue, a USB drive name being appended with a number and not being accessible or not being properly mounted. The workaround is to remove the attached USB drive then access the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares page and delete the USB share if it is still listed. Then reconnect the USB drive and access the Dashboard > Shares page and rename the USB Share back to the original name.

There are other discussions that suggest going into the USB database file (autoMount.db) on the My Cloud and removing the entries for the USB drive and then reattaching the USB drive.

Thanks for the quick reply. I did have the renaming of the drive issue a while back, when I changed drive housings, but it was a pretty easy fix to get it back to the original name. However, this time it’s still listed with the original share name, and shows it’s being shared publicly, but it simply doesn’t appear when viewing the MyCloud via a file explorer. And consequently, trying to access the share doesn’t work.

I did try disconnecting the drive and checking the shares in dashboard, but the share is gone when the drive is disconnected. It appears back when I reconnect, but still not available on the network.

I did find out more info though. I also have a 4TB version of the same device, with no current USB device used, and it also got the firmware update last night. I plugged the external drive into that unit, and it works as it should…automatically mounted it and shares it on the network. Then I took a flash drive and plugged it into the offending 3TB MyCloud, and it shows up and is network accessible.

So the problem, while apparently initiated during the firmware update process, seems to be with that particular previously-shared USB drive on that particular MyCloud. I’m not familiar with using the SSH to access the files on the MyCloud, as I’ve never had the need, and am hesitant to spend the afternoon (or more) tinkering with something that shouldn’t have happened to begin with, but if there’s no alternative, may give it a try.

Since the other MyCloud is working, it’s not as disastrous as I first thought, though I have several home machines (HTPC) who have the many files on that drive indexed through Kodi, and will have to go through all of them and see if I can modify the network path (to avoid having to re-index it all).

If you have more suggestions on fixing the 3TB so it will work properly, please let me know. If not I may bite the bullet and figure out the file access so I can go in and delete the share as mentioned in your post. One lesson in this for me is to see that auto-update for the firmware is OFF.

Try performing a 40 second reset on the 3TB My Cloud. Such a reset shouldn’t remove any user data. Plug the USB drive into a Windows PC and run a error check on it just to be sure there are no errors with it if you haven’t done so already. Try using a powered USB hub attached to the My Cloud with the USB hard drive attached to the USB hub.

Officially there is no way to roll back the firmware. Unofficially there may be one or two ways to do so. See the following thread for more information on how to roll back certain My Cloud units.


The “Create a Support Case” link that Hamlet posted above is for an email contact. If you could please follow through on creating a case about this, support will be able to log this as a potential issue if they can’t help you get straightened out. Just let them know that you already did the reset Bennor recommended if nothing changes.

Thanks. I did follow the link and create the case, but have not heard back yet.

Since my time was somewhat limited, and I do have a second MyCloud with an unused USB port, I opted for the workaround, which means I plugged the drive into the other MyCloud and just had my several HTPC/Kodi machines re-index to the new location. Took a while but the computer did the work instead of me trying to figure it out. Will probably still do the 40-second reset though, and can plug the drive in temporarily to see if it’s fixed.

In case this is an issue with the firmware update, the timing for the drive disappearing was exactly when it was updated, and there have been no previous issues with the drive not being accessible. Plugging the same drive into the other (also got the firmware update) MyCloud worked as it should, and plugging a DIRRERENT drive into the unit with the problem also works and is accessible. It’s only the drive that was plugged in when the firmware update happened that doesn’t show up on the network; no amount of reboots/unplugging did any good, but haven’t tried the reset yet.

What firmware is running on each My Cloud and which My Cloud is having the problem?

Both drives received the v4.04.05-101 firmware update recently. The morning after the firmware update was when the external USB drive plugged into the 3TB disappeared from the network.

To clarify, the drive does show up in dashboard, is shared publicly etc, it just doesn’t show on the network when I view the 3TB drive, and a shortcut to that drive no longer works. The name of the drive is the same as before.

This might be a very limited issue, as it only affected the drive that was plugged in at the time of the firmware update, and that same drive works fine plugged into the other MyCloud, after the update. Plugging another external USB drive into the problematic 3TB device also works fine.

Since I have 2 MyClouds, the problem is somewhat solved, but it could be more of an issue to someone with only one MyCloud. I’ve shut off the auto-updates though, so this doesn’t happen again.

Oddly, I never heard back from WD Support via email, so I’m glad for the workaround.

Very well may be rebooting after the firmware update with the USB drive attached is a potential issue.

One suggestion if you have Windows PC’s available and the USB drives are in FAT32 or NTFS format. Eject the USB drive from the My Cloud using the My Cloud Dashboard. Then attach the USB drive to a Windows PC. Open up Windows File Explorer and right click on the USB drive, select Properties. Then select the Tools tab, then select the Error Checking option and scan the drive for errors. Let it fix any errors found. Then eject the USB drive from the Windows PC and reattach it to the My Cloud USB port. Wait several minutes then check the My Cloud Dashboard’s USB icon and ensure the drive has been mounted and doesn’t show 0K as the capacity. Then using Windows File Explorer check the My Cloud and the USB drive Share name to see if the contents of the USB drive are visible.