Shared Music, Photos and Video Folder empty?

I had to replace my MBL 2 TB because LED lights were not working. After I got the new MBL , I just connected it and my network found it etc.

I then just used smartware to do category backup . First I did mybooklive Default , but it was not showing up on iTunes  and then I backed up music and photos to Public.

I must tell you in between two new firmware update was done also. Now, I can see MybookLive shows up when I turn on iTunes on my Pc and I can also play the music. But

WDPhotos and WD2Go are different stories.

Now, I have question for WDSmartware software…

I see in  My  Network  Places the following folders:

Public on My Book Live Network Storage (MyBookLive)

-----Shared Music  ( Empty Folder)

-----Shared Pictures (Empty Folder)

-----Shared Videos   (Empty Folder)

-----Software  ( Has WD software date 2011, when I got  The first on and use some CD .)

------WD Smartware.swstor ( If  I drill down here I can see all my music , pictures here)

Please note, in 2011, I had to go thru a lot of pain to get this going .

Will the shared folders be empty? Do I need to run so called setup? The replacement box did not have any CD and I did not want to use the old CD.  Do I need to do something else?




After I realized the Shared folders are empty, I dragged and dropped my pictures to Z:\Public\Shared Pictures folders.

Though I did category backup to my Public folder but it was empty.

Now, I see the files in the Shared Music folder. But no dice in ipad/ipod touch though i had accounts etc.

I uninstalled and reinstalled WDPhotos in ipad/ipod touch. Then I saw Connect now option but I did not “have to enter the code”. It found my MBL and entered my password…

Now, I can see the pictures.

I  think reinstalling the wd2go app will work also.

Why was my folders empty? Does WD Tech know? When I did category backup , it still left the folders empty.



I have nearly the same question / issue.  When I do a backup of my “D” drive with my photos and music, does that simply backup and categorize or will it place my music and photos into the public folders manually, i.e. drag and drop? Can I drag and drop while the system is backing up?