Shared Music Folders - Created temp files - Unable to delete

Today I decided to copy my 50k mp3’s into the shared music folder on my NAS (my book world edition)

I was using Synctoy2.1 to echo the files from my local system /itunes/music/*.* to the NAS /public/shared music/.

After about 5 hours the process finished with errors stating it could not copy the files. It appears that synctoy created all the folders but instead of copying the music into the folders it created about 25000 *.tmp files in the Shared Music folder and all the artist/album folders are empty.

I can delete some of the folders but I can not delete the temp files.

Is there any WD application to check the disc for errors or to prune a folder’? The normal XPpro tools do not work n the NAS.

Any help is greatly appreciated.