Shared Music folder on ipad via wd2go app


I transferred my music collection into the shared music folder and I’m able to see and play from wd2go on the ipad but only one at a time by clicking on the file. Is there a way for the ipad’s music player to recognize the files to utilize the shuffle etc…or am I missing something here? 


Same here (on my iphone), and I’m pretty sure the app has not been made to work as a music streamer (i.e. cue up a whole album to play).  I truly hope WD rectifies this, because it would be a superb music streaming app, to not have to rely on having your PC turned on.

Yes, it’s a very good app on the ipad. Just browsing thru the documentation…it refers to the pc/mac having itunes to recognize and play the music, which is fine, but no mention of how to initiate from the ipad to do the same…will keep on looking…

Also, itunes on my pc only lists my private share music files but not any of the public share music files…not sure why?

No idea if it works with itunes on the ipad.  I have an ipad but I haven’t tried it yet.  My iphone is on verizon they’re still on ios 4.2 so home sharing is not enabled.  I want to be able to stream to my Apple TV but haven’t been able to do that.

But ideally WD needs to modify the ios app so streaming music could work properly (over 3g).