Shared Music File cuts appearing twice in Media server streaming apps

Here is something that is really bothering me. In my Shared Music folder where I have flac CD’s I have one album where the tracks are showing up twice in all my media devices. I deleted the album and reinstalled it, but the duplicate tracks keep appearing. If I check the folder using the ip server address the album shows no duplicates. But if I access the MyCloud local duplicates. I delelted the album but it seems that album is not really deleted so I have two of these somewhere on the drive. Comments, I am stumped. I rebooted the drive, and rebuilt the media but some reason I have two copies of that album showing up. I do not know where the 2nd album the one I deleted is hiding.

Two things to try. One is check the metadata of the media file to see if it’s somehow listing the album name twice. For example MP3Tag ( is one such metadata editor.

Second, access the Twonky administration page (ex: http://wdmycloud:9000) if you haven’t done so already. Go to the Administration section and try the Clean Cache then Rescan Content Folders buttons at the bottom of the page.

There is mention for OS5 of a way to delete the Twonky database but no idea if it works for the OS3 version of Twonky. See “Delete Database and Configuration Files” in the link below.
One proceeds at their own risk if they try this on OS3 My Cloud’s!!!

# My Cloud OS 5: Twonky Server Configuration and Settings

Other suggestions.
Disable Media Serving on the media Shares, have Twonky rescan/rebuild it’s database then check if the media file is being duplicated by Twonky. If not then re-enable Media Serving on the media Shares and do another scan with Twonky. Then check if the media has been duplicated.
Move the media files to another Share that has Media Serving disabled. Have Twonky rescan for media, then check if media has been duplicated. If not, move the media files back to the previous Share and do a rescan with Twonky, recheck if media is being duplicated.

So here here is problem. There is only one copy of this album on the WD Drive in Public Shared Music.
However Twonky shows the album with duplicate tracks. I have scanned and rebuilt the WD drive.
How do I fix this and why is the Twonky showing the file has duplicate tracks. This is confusing. Even when I delete the album and rescan it does not fix it.

Did you try what was suggested above? Access the Twonky administration page and perform a Clear Cache then Rescan Content Folders. If that doesn’t work try to restart the Twonky server by selecting Restart Server.

There is much information on Twonky in the unofficial Twonky FAQ, in particular a section called How do I clear Twonky’s database and start again? that may help. That section is in the following post:

I did all you suggested. Thank you, I removed the album from the MyCloud Public, Shared Music folder, to my desktop and deleted it from MyCloud. It no longer exist anywhere on the MyCloud Drive. Rescanned the Twonky server, and the album still appears in the music list although no duplicates. How can that be when the album no longer exist on the MyCloud NAS. If I add it back in to the drive, I get back that album with duplicate tracks.

I want to completely remove it from Twonky, and then add it back in.

Comments? Thanks

As indicated above, see the unofficial Twonky FAQ. It has a section that explains how one can delete the Twonky database. Once Twonky is restarted after the database is deleted, Twonky should then rebuild the database of media from scratch upon its next media database indexing scan. Note that using SSH carries potential risks so one proceeds at their own risk when performing the actions mentioned in that unofficial FAQ.

So I used the folder tab in Twonky selected the “After Hours” album, and found it in:

It was on my old Windows 7 laptop left over somehow with some other songs that will probably be duplicates.

How do I clear the swstor Smartwhere files and delete those files. How do I clean this up. I really do care about saving any of that info from that machine. Comments?

Go into the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares tab, select the Smartware Share and disable (turn off) Media Serving on that specific Share. Then go back to Twonky and rebuild the database/rescan for media.

I just want to clear this data, and generate a new backup.

Can I just delete the entire WD SmartWare.swstor folder or a least the data under the pc folder?

Do what ever you want with the data. But if you don’t turn off Media Serving on that Share then any new backup by Smartware into that Smartware Share may cause the same problem all over again if you are backing up media that is already on the My Cloud in a Share with Media Serving enabled.

Note: If you delete that backup data it will be gone for good unless you backed it up somewhere else (using Safepoint / Backup for example).

Thanks for all your help. What I decided to do is create a New Share with media off and move thousands of pictures and videos form Public to avoid using them on Twonky Server. Rebuilding the database, scanning with that much data takes forever, and all I really want is the music. I know MyCloud is old but it was really a good product.

Not sure what to replace it with, something fast, bug free, in the same footprint. I do not need a lot of storage that I will never use. I need no more than the 3 TB than the MyCloud.

Thanks for your support. I learned a lot.