Shared folders

I have Win7 Pro 64-bit, with 16GB of memory.

I have just been connected to fibre broadband, with a new Sky router, to which my WDTV unit is connected by cable. At first, everything seemed to be fine - I could access both the WDTV and its connected external HDD with no problem from my computer, but communication has stopped the other way. I can no longer access my shared computer folders from the WDTV unit. When I try, I get the error message “Unable to connect to the requested source.” Obviously, the password and PIN have changed for the router, but I can see nowhere in the WDTV Setup for changing these. I have tried investigating Network Setup on the WDTV, but this seems OK. When I use “Check Connection” in Network Settings, I receive the message “Network connection check passed”. To my dumb mind this means that the unit is connecting with my computer - only I can’t access anything on the computer.

I should also say that everything else is fine with the router - I have no problems with the Internet. The only other relevant factor I can think of is that I am using Open DNS, with an IP address of, but I have been using this for two months, with no problem - I did not have to change settings on the WDTV when I set it up. (And anway - “Network connection check passed”.) My problem has arisen only with the installation of a new router. Lastly, the WDTV shows up in the list of attached devices in the new router’s web page.

If anyone can suggest a solution, I would be very grateful.

If you want to clear the the login info for network shares 


Press the Setup button on the remote and go to Network Settings press the UP Arrow and you’ll see it. “Clear Login info for Network Share” . 


Dunno if that’s what you were looking for but there it is. :smiley:

Thanks for your reply, but it didn’t work.  And now I can’t even get as far as seeing the nakme of my computer, which was there before.  Since I have now cleared the login info, how can I re-enter it?  Thanks again.


See this tutorial I wrote about network shares: