Shared Folders vs Media Server and Video Stuttering


If I try to use the Shared Folders (and I have to, for subtitles) then even very small resolution movies are played like tens of frames are lost. Also, if the auto-log-in is active then login to share takes forever and sometimes fails.

I have no problem playing the videos using the Media Server (even 1080).

My configuration:

-         Router: D-LINK DIR-635

-         NAS: D-LINK DNS-323

-         Wireless dongle: D-LINK DWA-140

  •         WD TV LIVE f/w: 1.06.15

I cannot link the problem to a specific event. I have changed the router with a newer HW version but everything was ok for a while.

I have reset everything and load factory setting countless times.

Thank you.


It all came back to normal after I have stopped the NAS, unplugged and restarted it.