Shared Folders Visibility

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Does anyone know how to hide un-shared folders? For every user (or user group), I want only the folders that are allowed access to be visible, not my full directory structure. Is there a way to hide folders not available, and not just the folder contents? I am referring to accessing the system over LAN (SMB).

Further, how does one hide the external drives connected to the system? I see that even if we configure each external drive to “Deny” status, it becomes automatically available after a reboot. Also, any name assigned to it gets reset to “BACKUP_DESK”.


Hi A.Sridhar,

Permissions can be only set on Shares created on My Cloud. It doesn’t allow to set permissions on sub folders created inside a Share.
External drives would be accessible to all users when connected to My Cloud device.

Good day Brandon,

Thank you for the email.

May I know why you would make external drives accessible to everyone by default? That is bad implementation in my opinion.

Further, I have set my MyCloudEX2Ultra to reboot every night and I have noticed that it loses any configuration made for external drives. For example, any name I assign to my external drive as well as it’s sharing configuration is completely reset and the name
is reset to the default ‘Backup_Desk’ and the share is available to public.

Honestly I don’t see why it should be available to public by default. I can keep some confidential (or otherwise) files which I want only myself to access, and not anyone else. Can you provide a good reason why you would make it a public share by default, and
one that cannot be changed?

Further, when we set up ‘deny’ access to users/ user groups, please hide the folders completely from such users. Why should everyone (even those with the most basic access) see the entire directory structure of my NAS? Just hiding the contents isn’t enough,
even hiding the presence of such folders is how it should be. Any user/ user group should be able to see only those folders that they are allowed access. Everything else should be hidden completely. Again, can you give me one good reason why everyone should
see the entire directory structure?

Also, this system still supports SMBv1 only, which is highly insecure. When will you be implementing support for SMBv2 & SMBv3?

Hope you would make these improvements with your next update.

Thank you for your prompt, polite and positive response.

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Further, as you can see in the attached screenshot, Seagate4TB is actually an external drive connected to my NAS. Yet the system says “There are No USB devices found”, although I am able to access it over the network (which is the first issue raised as I had renamed it and set it to be visible only for the administrator, but all settings got reset with reboot and the external drive became accessible to public). What this means is I cannot safely eject my external drive. WD NAS software is too basic, and there is hardly any app support. I wish I knew all these before buying it.

Firmware: 2.31.163

Edit: Unable to attach screenshot.

You can view it here:!AkyUFrFFutTyjcNh0wApMca4Eq3odQ