Shared folders not holding media - rescan needed


I have A WDTVLive which is a great little device! I have my media stored across two WD My Book World Edition’s. One of them “NAS Kids and Backup” works perfectly - the other, “NAS Mason” I need to mention that I turn them off every night. I am having a few problems with “NAS Mason”, the most annoying is that it loses the contents of the shared folders. When I turn them on “NAS Mason” has no media in the shared folders. I need to do a rescan via Twonky and the problem is fixed. I am getting sick of doing a rescan every time! It appears as if the restart deletes the scanned folders. Any ideas on the solution for this??? The other issue, well not issue but curiosity is the two NAS’s are exactly the same yet there are different menu items in Twonky???


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Hi there, just in case, are the two MBW running the same firmware? o.o You can check on ADV mode> system> update.

Yes - both on the latest firmware 


In a strange way, its nice to see that someone else on the forum has the ‘not holding media - rescan needed’ problem. I have the same problem myself and have logged a support request with WD to see if they have got a response. In my case either video, music or photos all disappear or a pretty regular basis and I agree having to rebuild / rescan the directories is becoming a pain, as the whole reason for having a media server is not having to run a PC as well  !

same problem here. wd my world book, i power off every night. it worked fine for 2 plus years and now all of a sudden i need to rescan to find the shared files. any solutions?

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