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Can you please update us on the release date for this long overdue upgrade?
I am currently regretting very much that I did not instead buy a Synology DiskStation DS218+. But my faith in WD can be restored!

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you can easily share the My cloud home on your network.
Most of the explanations WD gives you are not complete.
they are correct in that you can only see the public share but you do not need any of the software for the Public share


“Lance_CWDStaffFeb 28
I wanted to give an quick update to every one requesting this feature. We are working on a shared folder which all users on that My Cloud Home device will have access to when logged into their acocunt. This feature is planned for the next release. I do not have an exact release date at this time however we expect to come in the next month.”

Almost april… which month? please, i can’t wait.


The Family Folder is in an update that is currently being rolled out. You should be notified about the update soon. Once your device is updated a Family Folder will automatically be created. The roll out of this update is done in phases and we expect the roll out to be complete by the end of the month.


Has anyone seen this uodate? Just wondering.


Hi I got the update notification in my mobile app but I could not find the Family Folder. Can any one show me where can i find this folder? Thanks.


Hi I got mobile app update and in the computer as well but still not “Family Folder” or I m blind.

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The mobile app is precursor to the server update. Never seen front end update before back end before.


Update will be rolled out in phases.


The last update on mobile, it seems like it doesn’t backup my data on my phone. Anyone experiencing the same? My last backup was on March 21, for all the devices connected, but we have pics and videos taken after March 21. Cleared the app cache, restarted the device and rebooted my modem… same issue.


“Your My Cloud Home is filling up” about 2 days ago started. The cloud always busy and noise. I can’t use. What can I do?


Got the Family Folder. Thanks for the update.

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Me too. I got a update just before I removed a discovery because it was “offline” but it wasn’t… And now I have a family folder. But I not sure this picture is right.


this ■■■■■! i thought this shouldve been resolved by now, a NAS that isnt a NAS . disappointing as F

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