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Please ramp up the My Cloud Home device with basic NAS features. Right now, it’s no better than dropbox and even still it has less features. I want my money’s worth!!!


I’m just looking to be able to share folders with others like I can in Dropbox. I also would like the My Cloud Home app to at least be accessible by the My Cloud (original) app and offer the same features.


I am frustrated like everyone here. I bought My Cloud Home after experiencing My Cloud and thought that this is an upgrade of the previous model. I contacted WD Support and here is what I received.

Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support. My name is Evi. I feel sorry that the device does not meet your needs and does not include the mentioned features.

However, by design, the new My Cloud Home does not have a dashboard and it is not an upgrade of the previous model. In fact, it is a different device and you could find the differences below:

differences between My Cloud Home and My Cloud

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.

I remain at your service for any additional information or assistance.

Western Digital Service and Support

And when I asked about future updates and that it doesn’t mention anything on the website as claimed otherwise I will return it, this is what I got.

Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support. It’s Evi. We’re really sorry that the new device does not meet your needs.

However, since it will not include the features of the previous model, you could return it to the reseller.

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.

I remain at your service for any additional information or assistance.

Western Digital Service and Support

Wanted to share my experience for your reference.


Bought the MCH thinking it was the perfect replacement for My Book Live. Wrong. I have to be able to create, manage, and share individual folders and shares. If MCH is not going ot be able to do this soon, I’m returning the product. WD please respond soon.


The lack of support from WD is quite frustrating, the Home version is almost useless as I have zero control over users or shared folder. Will be returning it and buying a Synology device despite the much higher price.


@mddimmick Could you give us an update on this matter? Is the team still working on this?


Same issue here, can’t let infuse pro nor my smart tv work with my cloud home due to the stupid design of wd my cloud home. There are zero settings or configuration options on the piece of sh**.

Can’t believe this issue is open for 3 months now!


same isuue here… what happen to mycloud home team??? Why dont you guys write it more obvious this feature is not available in Home version??? What is the purpose to have cloud and cant share editing right between user?


Took my My Cloud Home back to the store and picked up a Synology NAS instead. It’s a far better system and does everything that I need.


I returned mine at the store and bought a normal My cloud. Still don’t get why the my cloud home even exists when it lacks so much functionality


Just bought My Cloud Home yesterday and realized the public folder feature wasn’t available. Setup was a breeze and overall it works quite well, but I really need a folder that is common to all users.

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No WD representative seems to be responding to this thread any longer. My feeling is they are not working any longer on this.


Any progress about this update?
I see that there is no responses for almost 3 months now …

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No, it seems that WD just don’t care that they have so many unhappy customers as they don’t appear to have the common courtesy and respect for their customers to provide any feedback.


Hi Yesterday I bought a wd my cloud home. I would like share my folder. How can I share? I have a surface pro and my partner has a laptop. Thanks



It is really frustrating that; it seems to be NOT possible to “share” any folders with “My Cloud Home”.
All you can do is to generate a link to a specific folder so that the other party can see and download the contents, which is not exactly sharing.

mddimmick mentioned that WD is working on this issue and sharing folders will be available with a firmware update (3 months ago) but did not gave any dates (was understandable at the time). Since then neither mddimmick nor any other WD representatives gave an update about this issue …

– update –

Sharing folders is the main issue of this topic but in addition I have realised other 2 critical issues about “My Cloud Home”.

  1. There is no folder sharing function available at the moment. (not just sharing a link to the folders’ content to be downloaded but being able to use the same folder by (at least) 2 individuals.) It is not even possible to open 2 accounts simultaneusly (for the purpose of copying or moving some files in between eachother for example.)

  2. For any reason if you lack the internet connection, you wont be able to reach to your private folders because you are unable to sign in. (or change users for that matter). For insstance when you came back to home from work or work from home if the internet is down, even if you are connected to the same Intranet and “My Cloud Home” is next to you, yo are unable do access your files (or any accounts’).

  3. We are using sketchup to design. Because of some reason .skp (sketchup files) do not work when located in the private section. (interestingly they do work when located in the public folder). That is the file type with a problem that I realised, there might be some others too. (Office files, media files, dwg files work with no problems.

I realised that mddimmick has not been online since he replied on this topic (Nov. 2017). Maybe another representative will give us an update, and shade some light on the firmware update that was mentioned before and the other 2 matters.

@alex.singh @AlexJ_WD @Amanda.k @ANITA_LEE @WD_Admin @Bill_S @bkalra @Captain_WD @Cassiern @Chushi_Cai

Hoping to get a feedback soon…


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WD has been my go to for HDDs and other external hardware. Thought they would have the same commitment to this product but I am beginning to doubt they are even working on it. mddimmick stated this is a high priority, I think he meant they will work on it unless another WD product already does these functions. I am beginning to be a little negative about them actually turning this feature out in the Home product. Hope they prove me wrong.

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this is my very first NAS setup, it is very unfortunate however, that i did not get what i expect out of this device. did not consider returning the device, hoping @mddimmick’s note 3 months ago will be fulfilled.

obviously, not a happy camper here.


How can we get WD to answer our ask? I agree that they are not working on the shared folder function and mddimmick for sure got the order not to communicate with the community about such topics.
I agree that we need real shared folder that I can select. I have two friends they also bought My Cloud Home Duo last week. If we are not getting an answer in the next 3 days we are going to return the devices and will write a test report in different communities.


Same issue here in China.

I was dis-pointed by My Cloud Home’s weak features of User Management, Share Folders, Apps etc.

Expect My cloud home team can change here.