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I bought this last Saturday to replace my Zyxel 210 that I have had a few years. Really disappointed with its NAS capability very poor . Copied over all my photos to the plex folder only to find I am the only person that can browse them on windows explorer . Wanted something we could all up load photos and music to. Cant take it back because I have used it. Seems you can either use Plex or DNLA from the public share, trouble is the content has to be duplicated.


No offence, but it’s kind of pointless to pay for this much to have a public folder which you do not have access to on the interface app half way around the world when you find out you needed it really badly for work purposes. :frowning:


Yes, I would like to assign my Users and folders permissions too.


i feel all of you guys. this is my very first attempt to setup NAS. read a number of reviews but I guess i missed this part. I purchased first the my cloud on Jan 3rd and the very next day, went back to the store and had it replaced with the my cloud home. my intention other than having a centralized storage for the family, is to have a common folder where we can dump files for everyone in the family to have access. secondly, i just setup my sonos and had an issue where my listening pleasure is being cut whenever my computer shuts-off. thus, made the move to setup the nas knowing that it will solve two of my issues.

hopefully, WD will be able to patch a fix for this one.

for those with sonos setup, i was able to find a workaround. on my Mac, MyCloudHome is not showing on the Shared folder, even if I mapped it, system won’t find it. what i did, as others might find it useful:

  • make sure File Sharing is enabled on your Settings
  1. set the StaticIP for the MyCloudHome
  2. on Finder, press Command-K and then type \\assigned IP address
  3. login as Guest
  4. Once in, you will see the PUBLIC folder. you may then start creating your folder
  5. I created Music folder and mapped it from Sonos and worked just fine

however, when I am using the app from my phone, i can’t still see this public folder.

bottomline, WD, a lot of your users are expecting this fix. please…

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Hi Matt, What was the product teams response, is it a possibility, is it on the programme and can we expect to see it as an update to the current mycloud home? I can understand the sensitivities of sharing data but for a home drive there really needs to be the option to do so.


Hi WD-Team,

Unfortunately I missed this threat when reading reviews and now have this device at home as well. It’s one of the most disappointing purchases ever- a NAS system without this basic feature of shared folders for read and write?? Really??

I didn’t even consider this is possible when buying it- so that’s maybe the point why I missed this threat.

Is there any update?
You are working on this for more than 3 month now… this should not be a super complicated problem for you guys. So when can we expect the solution or do we have to give it back and buy from someone who is capable of giving basic features ?

Kind regards


Same request, I’d love to use this basic feature.

Matt from WD, do you have an idea of when this will be fixed or should return my order ? :frowning:


how can I update?


I am really really disappointed.
Unfortunately I have bought on my home country and right now I am living on other country. Otherwise I would try return the product.
I will wait 2 or 3 months and if there is not any change I am going to sell MyCH.
There are better products on the market.


I’m totally disappointed! I’m wondering what exactly is the idea behind releasing such product! A network hard drive which does nothing!
I can’t access any thing anywhere! Even I cannot access my files from android tv! It’s really really waste of money…
WD please please do something for this device.
Please hear us!!

My CLOUD vs MY CLOUD HOME in functionality

I just received My Cloud Home and didn’t find a easy way to share files among my family members.

The share link is kind of stupid design that you have to find a link every time when you want to access the share link.

Please let us have a shared folder or the shared folder could be seen in other’s map!

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Been over 3 months without adding the feature of sharing folder (read/write) like the previous model. Why aren’t you at least providing the same previous features with more new advanced ones?


Just set up a My Cloud Home device and think it is a great product! However, it is lacking the ability to share folders with other users (in this instance my wife). @mddimmick is this a feature still being worked on? I can’t see any further updates on this issues since November?


I guess in hindsight I should have read this stuff before buying and going through a few days of head scratching regarding setting this up as a collaborative shared folder NAS. Will be returnjng this as this is not what it appeared to be when I bought it. Viewing files remotely it works good, it’s the collaborative part. Good start WD, I’m sorry I just can’t wait until you get it all sorted out.


Like everyone else here, I think that the Public folder should be made available from all my cloud home applications. It is great to be able to map it as a network location but crazy that you can not access it on the go.
Sure this is not a big ask and the months that this thread is going should have been time enough to develop it.

I got a request to install an update to the WD Discover app today and when I installed it, all it seems to do is remove the Windows Explorer view of my folders. Backwards steps not forwards.

Do not update to 2.1.378


wd discovery update to 2.1.378 worked fine for me :smiley:

it would have been much better though for the update notification link to be taken to an update or not option with a changelog

WD support - please advise changes


thanks for sharing a screenshot… i noticed that you have a Public folder. are you using the My Cloud Home too or is this a different WD device? like many others who owns the MCH, I have been waiting for the update where i can have the option to create a Public folder and have my family access it.


Is this still being worked on or has it been dropped. There has not been any responses from WD since Nov. 13, 2017. (Over two months)


i have the my cloud home…you should have a private user space (Z: in my case) and a public share (Y: in my case)…I mapped the public share which is available over your LAN

see here >

however I understand your issues as the WD My Cloud home is a dogs breakfast and a very poorly designed product from the functionality point of view. My Public folder did show up under network connections in windows explorer as shown in the linked article but no longer does…I have no idea why…

this my cloud home really frustrates me and really has been a nightmare but even more disappointing is that WD support just don’t acknowledge the issues users are facing , or delivering the promises made in promotional videos of new and better features

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Thanks! Yep, I do have the Public drive… just got excited at first i thought the update was the fixed that we are all waiting for :slight_smile: