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Any update on this, Matt? @mddimmick

It’s in the works! The lawyers get a little antsy if I start giving you guys timelines but I do have a full team plugging away at this as a high priority. Thanks for being patient, we’ll get this up and running for you all.


Hey guys, just purchased My Cloud Home Duo yesterday and I have to agree with @chemdom. Public folder for all users is must have in NAS. To be able to share a file or even a folder with one or more users is pretty good feature too :blush: Can’t wait !!

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Hi WD Staff,

it is to my surprise that I also find out about this limitation, just after buying my My Cloud Home. Just wanted to add another voice to this thread hoping that something will be done to overcome this.

Please, keep us up to date.



The ‘upgrade’ to MyCloud home from the MyCloud is not worth it without a shared folder. My ‘MyCloud’ died so I bought the ‘Home’ version - only to find it cannot feed my Sonos.

I’ll need to return it pronto and swap back to the original. Before I do so, is there any way to make this work?


I’m very disappointed with this version my cloud home. I need to share folders with the others users in my device and I can’t. when we will have an update? if we not have a possibility for share folders, this device it’s a simple hard disk but more expensive. unfortunately I cant give back the device because the shop where I bought don’t accept the change. I await your reply.


I agree wirh you @tiagolrferreira, it’s just hard drive with limited NAS functionality that you can access outside your home network. After having it for 10 days i returned it. Building a custom NAS server with installed ownCloud is much better option.

It should not be for consideration but a “MUST DO” Get it sorted ASAP…

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Im really surprised there is no ability to create a shared folder for all users at home and other devices to access like the old Public folder concept on the My Cloud older devices.

I feel mislead by WD on this with a lack of clarity about what it cant do.

I would like to return it as its no use to me at all. Happy to swap for one of the other models. How do I do this when Ive opened it and set it up?

In my view WD you have dumbed the NAS down way too much here. The better Mac Finder and Windows explorer integration is a win, however, the rest it not so great.

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I am a bit flabbergasted that this product can’t share directories among multiple users. I am seriously considering returning this product. This is extremely basic file sharing functionality. Who needs multiple tbs of data storage and isn’t looking to share that among multiple users? What’s the use case?

The WD team does not answer our questions. I contacted them by email and they said that my cloud home is a different product and that if I wanted another type of cloud I need to buy. And this one? I send to the trash? Completely disappointed.

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Thanks man! Awesome work. This is one of the more “basic” features missing.

I agree to all you guys. public shared folder is really necessary for a NAS.
I’ve just upgraded from my old BML to BCH, and was very disappointed with the lack of public shared folder function.
look forward that WD product team will implement the function in future firmware update .

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I just have to add my poor little voice to this request.

I was so happy to unbox my brand new My Cloud Home, just to be immediately disapointed to find that I cannot manage users and permissions to folders.

It was such a basic feature to find on a NAS… please do something !

Thank you !


I feel disappointed: this one is nothing more than a simple external disk attached to the router. :frowning:

I also echo the disappointment in the lack of features provided by the WD My Cloud home…what is even more disappointing is the lack of any real acknowledgement from WD support staff that they are addressing the shortcomings

+1 Please fix asap.

Very dissapointing indeed, i almost regret the purchase… please update the firmware!

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See this

I do use the shared folder like any regular Windows shared folder. I even can map a network drive letter.
If your My Could does not appear on “Network” it should be acessible trough \MYCLOUD-??? (I dont know how to discover yours ??? . Mine is 070057)

Absolutely gutted that I cannot manage permissions for “Users” and “Folders”.

Is there any news on the front in terms of a possible firmware update @mddimmick ?
Last response I can see is Nov-14-2017.

Cheers !

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