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The My Cloud Home does a great job at providing private storage. I would like to have the ability to have a common shared folder that other users on the network can access, and read/write to. It is tedious to share a folder via link to my wife in the same household on a project we are working on together and then she has read only access to that folder. We should be able to have true shared folders.


The more I read about the Home line the more it seems its totally directed to ordinary users without any really knowledge of NAS uses. I would have thought folder sharing would be something a HOME user would want.

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I agree. I went and purchased the Gen 1 version of the My Cloud NAS and it does exactly what we want it to do and only tok about 20 minutes to have everyone up and running. The My Cloud Home will be going back to the store tomorrow.

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Hey there, this is Matt from the My Cloud Home product team. Totally agree this would add a lot of value the product. The current links are neat for sharing a few things with friends, but for any kind of collaboration you really need a true share folder with write access for both users. Will take this back to the team for consideration.

Thanks for the feedback!


I just purchased a My Cloud Home Duo. When I browse to it directly using file explorer, I have a Public folder available and t behaves as a public share. It is not available through the web interface, but will allow for sharing on your network.

WD Development Team - I think this is a key feature for any NAS to have. Please work on this and make it available via an update. What is the point of having a cloud based NAS without being able to access common files directly? The internet browser option doesn’t get my vote.



I too believe this is a necessity. But please don’t limit it to one common shared folder that forces everything to be funneled through it. I have no practical use for that, and I imagine no one else does either.

It would be great to be able to share any folder and that folder show up in the users list. For example, my girlfriend and I have about 20,000 photos between us, and growing rapidly, however we don’t need to share them all. I would love to be able to create a “Mexico” folder, or a “Wyoming” folder for us to pool our photos.

I’ve enjoyed the simplicity of the unit, as I did look at beefier options, I just though they were over kill and wrongly assumed this device would handle such a simple task.

I also have one more request that I will create a separate topic for. It pertains to syncing from the D:.


If we were going to implement something like this, it would likely allow you to pick individual folders and then share them to other users on the device. I generally agree that a common, pre-generated, share folder isn’t as useful.

My Cloud Home Product Team


Oh yes, please! Make it happen… PLEASE!

I just bought MCHduo as a replacement of a MyBookLive. I’m very happy with the performances but the simple fact that there’s no possibility to share permanently some folders between 2 or more users and not being able to access it everywhere (not only at home) makes it useless!

[EDIT] Another suggestion should be to make the ‘public’ share reacheable from everywhere (even outside home) and for every/authorized user :wink:

I will also echo the request for a shared folder. I started searching online for it and found out that it exists in the original My Cloud through the Dashboard function and was disappointed to know that it wasn’t available on the MCH.

The links are great for sharing read only access with anyone but not so much for sharing between registered users who need to share files. Will this functionality be coming soon or should I return this unit for the Gen 1 My Cloud?

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I found it, too, but sometime the public folder disappears. the app is really not optimizing.

So, WD Team, can you give us a timeline for this?

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Hi all,

I am in the same situation as all of you and quite disappointed that this simple and common function hasn’t been implemented from the start!
I wanted to use my My Cloud Home as a NAS to stream media over my KODI. Unfortunately this is not possible due to the fact that you can’t share folders and only the public folder is visible (which I can’t even find, when I am in a windows explorer!!).
@mddimmick from WD team: Can you please tell us, when this functionality will be provided to the community. Otherwise I have to send it back because it’s no use at all for my purpose.

I don’t have a timeline for you guys but its something we are actively working on. That said, for @madmax81 specifically, I’m not sure this is going to satisfy your use case. Anything we build is going to be geared towards sharing and collaborating on content between people.

Outside of Plex, the My Cloud Home device isn’t optimized for content streaming to external hardware/software. You really want a more traditional NAS for that, which we have several product lines supporting.

My Cloud Home Product Team

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Hi Matt

Thanks a lot for your swift answer. Now that I have clarity, I’ll return the device.


ohhhhh. I purchased the Home Duo solely because it advertises as a single place to share ALL my media. My previous My Book Live worked perfectly as a NAS until it died. I want to use the NAS drive to connect to my Sonos system. Are you saying that MCHDuo jus tisn’t the product for that?

Hi Matt,

I have a My Cloud Home and I would like to return the device due to it lacking this key functionality. Unfortunately, I purchased it 25 days ago and the store’s return policy is limited to 15 days. How do I initiate a return with WD?

Hi, all. MCH reached Russia. Support of indignation about the lack of general access to folders. “We are actively working” - it is very good. “I don’t have a timeline for you” - it’s bad. We are waiting for information about the update.

Absolutely support this idea! Will temporarily use the public share where absolutely necessary, but this feature absolutely ought to be added sooner rather than later.
Great to see WD is actively working on the product. The user manual is already slightly outdated, users can now be created in the web app.

It is mendatory for this kind of drive to have the option to share folders between users. In fact, I think this is the purpose of those cloud drive we buy when we have a family… for all users to be able to access the files in the drive. The my cloud drive has the ability to share folders between users. How come the my cloud home doesn’t?

WD it would be very appreciated if youo could work on that for an update…

Thank you