Shared folder visible by WD live hub but not from the player connected to it

Hi, i have a wd tv live hub with firmware 3.01.19 and i have a folder shared trought a linux PC (before to buy a nas i want to make it work with a PC to be sure) using samba. With the wd tv live hub i can connect to this folder and add to my catalog (using the setup->system->Media Library Manager->add share folder option).

After that i see the folder on my wd tv live hub in media catalog, but a wd tv live or a PC with XBMC continue to see only the internal hard drive of the live hub. Can someone please help me?

The Hub will be able to share content from its internal drive, or a drive plugged by USB, but not from other network resources.  You will need to share this folder from your Linux PC to your other devices, but not from the Hub.