Shared folder on Win7, WDTV Live list only 70 foldes but it has 101

I can not tell you guys how frustrated I’m with my WDTV Live and Windows network sharing.

Currently my problem is that my WDTV Live can list just a few folders, 70 from 101 folders that I have sharing on Win7.

I’m sharing my folders with Win7, my WinXP can access the files normally, but WDTV Live not.

WDTV Live Firmware ver. 1.04.17_V

Any guess?

That seems like an insane number of folders to share… They are all individual shares? Not folders within a single share? That is ETREMELY resource intensive. I would recommend only sharing a few folders. Doesn’t answer your specific question, but might be a workaround…

It is 1 Shared Folder (Movies)

  Than 101 SubFolders (Movie A / Movie B)

    Than Movie A (MovieA.mkv /

I have WDTV set as List mode not Thumbnail mode nor Preview mode.