Shared Folder Issues

I simply shut my WD Live down, and went to bed, and the next day it no longer saw my usual shared folder. Yes the folder is still shared (Win 10), and can be seen my my laptop and my NAS. I cleared the shared stuff in the device, even went as far as resetting the WD Live back to factory defaults, but all it sees after connecting to my network is my Desktop, and Users folder, it will does NOT see my normal shared folder anymore.

I wish I could find another device (different brand) that would stream files from my PC

What permissions are set for the shared folder? Did you try to remove any possible credential issue by adding “Everyone”, “Guest”, and “Anonymous Logon”?

Everyone" and "Anonymous are already there.

I’m wondering if it’s a Windows 10 problem. My WD Live can see shared folders in 2 Windows 7 computers, but can’t see them in 2 Windows 10 computers. I have no problem seeing Shared Windows 10 folders in my android devices.

Its possible, but I have been running Win 10 since it was released, and WD Live connected to my network seeing my shared folder with no issues.

Part of the reason I think WD owes us a firmware update, since there haven’t been any for months.

A firmware update won’t happen. The product is too old.

They don’t seem to be making a new product to replace it either, at least one that allows to easily stream video from a PC.