Shared Backups

I know I can use a single drive for backups on more than one computer.

However, can I share a backup between computers (say, home and work) to synchronize their document holdings?

Can I access one computer’s backup on another computer?

And can I delete a backup of a discarded computer that still exists on the disk?

Hi arots, if you are using Smartware, you can restore any of your backups on any computer, but you cannot add new files to a backup that was previously created on another PC. Yes, you can delete any backups you don’t need. 

Thank you. However, I cannot find anything in Smartware’s Retrieve pane that allows me to select data from a backup other than the one that contains the computer’s own backup. The other backups are just one grey widget that says other backups.

I assume that deleting obsolete backups from dead computers is done in a Windows Explorer window?

All of your backups should appear under the backed up volumes section on the retrieve tab. You can also manually explore your backups by opening the smartware.swstor folder inside the external drive. Yes, you can delete any previous backups from the backup folder.