Share WD Drives on a Time Warner Cable WiFi system


I spoke with Time Warner Cable Tech Supp who told me that if I purchase a powered Hub that I can connect each of my drives to the Hub then Connect the Hub to the USB port on the back of the TWC Modem.

I purchased a SIIG high end, powered, Hub and connected the drives to the Hub. I then connected the Hub to the TWC WiFi Modem.

After completing the connections I powed everything up including my laptop… Nothing is visible on the laptop… no new hub… no new drives…

Does anyone have any experience with this type of situation? 

Is TWC’s support leading me up the garden path?



Check the manual or contact tech support for the TWC WiFi Modem to see if that is possible. Not all devices support USB hubs or all USB hub models.

[edit]  You do realize that those drives won’t show up on you Computer as drives right?  You will need to look for them under Network and you may have to create folders on the drives to map to.