Share video link no longer working with recent firmware update

I did a firmware update recently. Now share link not working to share video. Have worked fine for 3 years. Usually if a cell phone video is too large to email. I would simply upload to my cloud. Then share link. This is a world class product. Still waiting for world class support to correct this. If I am no longer able to use the share link This will be catastrophic. I’m being told this has been escalated to engineers. I’m still waiting

Hello praise241,

Are you able to share the video link via email?

If yes, it is recommended to use any 3rd party video player like VLC Media Player to play the videos shared by the link from the My Cloud device.

No. Share link strangely not working at all. Thank God Dropbox was there for me. The past 2 weeks major family events. A niece prom. A nephew college graduation. A nephew jr prom. A niece graduation. Wd mycloud failed me royally. You are only as good as your plan b. Dropbox is supreme. I’m being told my cloud issue has been escalated to engineering. I’m waiting for issues to get resolved. My 1st serious issue in 3 years.

Leave your email. I’ll send u a share link. You can see 1st hand how it’s not working.