Share video (but he can download it) how settings no downl

Hi I have shared a file with a client, a video i am editing for him, but i know he can download it, and that is not what he should do until the work is finished and paid for. As the My cloud Home says, viewing but the client can download the file, and that i would like to stop it. He can watch it but no downloading it.

Thanks for helping


You’re not gonna be able to stop him from downloading it … like almost every video viewed/streamed on the internet (except for DRM video) you can download it.

If you want to share a “work in progress” video with a client … Watermark it with a Logo or Text or both. (like Movie Screeners that film companies send out for reviews)

When the work is finished and paid for … you provide him the final version without the Watermark.

ok yes i will do it like that :slight_smile: thanks for helping

Mocked up an example while you were replying (oops spelt your name wrong) doh :slight_smile:

I use my logo and put it transparent on it see pic

or logo a bit smaller, but i defenetive put it on there from now on :slight_smile: