Share restrictions not working

On the dashboard under Shares I’ve set a folder of my wife’s as “read” for me, however, when I open it on the MyCloud iphone app I am able to edit and delete files. What I want is to prevent files being deleted by mistake on our phones when viewing - can anyone explain how to achieve this? Cheers

Is the WD My Cloud app on your phone linked to your account with your permissions, or to her account with her permissions? The app only links to one account per device, and inherits the permissions of the linked account.


Thanks for the reply - my account is the master one and I set up my wife’s share for myself as “read” but I can still delete files on my phone.

What I want to achieve is that both of us can view all our photos but cannot delete them so I set the share on each of our share folders for photos as “read”. I will then download the app on my wife’s phone as well once I know it’s working. Am I doing this right?