Share Profile Usage Bug

The math formula used by the dashboard to calculate the usage number of the Share Profile (under Shares) is wrong.

For example, it shows the following incorrect values. Correct values shown in parentheses.

1000GB (1.000TB)
1010GB (1.010TB)
1023GB (1.023TB)
1TB (1.024TB)

1.024 is basic on TB storages, it’s mostly so software can be run on the ammount mounted on the device.
It’s not a big deal.

Even microsoft uses the term 1024 TB

Well, it’s your theory.
The real reason is based on the device it’s going to be run on, and the standard setup that is “1024” for no reason.
They say 1TB instead of saying 1.024 TB
Because most of the time you only get 970 - 980 GB of storage anyways, because the system is having updates and stuff.

But you see my point.

The disk is calculating the Binary storage, and not the Decimal system. but most hosting companys and storage device sellers, are also using the decimal system, just for the two reasons over.

That’s what the wiki page i linked two posts up was…
Anyways, glad you figured it out.