Share photos from Android phone?

I want to share the photos from my android phone (HTC) to WDTV Live Hub. I’ve tried the following without success so hoping someone can advise how to do it ? The hub has had its firmware updated and is running default settings including Twonky DLNA server built in.

1, Connect phone via WDTV front USB socket, tell android to mount SD card as a drive and plug into WDTV. On Windows, OSX, Ubuntu the phone is seen and I can browse the photos but WDTV doesn’t see the device.

2, Install Skifta ( DLNA app for Android, connect to the router over wifi which in turn connects to WDTV live hub via a wired connection. Start Skifta, select share local photos, it see WDTV on the network so select as output device. Browse photos and select play photo. Skifta believes it is playing the photos but WDTV doesn’t respond.

To confirm I’ve tested Skifta from my phone with Sony Bravia 2010 TV, Sony Bravia 2011 TV, Asus O!play, Playstation 3, Serviio DLNA server. These all work as expected i.e displaying the photo I’ve selected.

3, Install iMediaShare ( As Skifta is finds WDTV on the network but when you select play after a few seconds it reports ‘an error has occured’ but this works with other DLNA devices as listed above.

4, Install Twonky ( As per 2 and 3, they find the WDTV but WDTV Hub Live does not respond.

I did get Skifta to play 2 photos, once via the WDTV Live Hub ! At this point I’m stuck and it appears Twonky could be the problem even using Twonky on my phone to talk to the built in Twonky. I don’t want to upload the photos to the HUB, just play them from my phone.

I can’t think of another way to get to the same end result… suggestions appricated.

What’s wrong with using the Android app WD Photos? Works fine for me.

The app seems to need internet access which we don’t have where the WDTV Live Hub is kept. It is networked but not to the internet. I used 3G on my phone with it running in wifi hotspot mode. I was then able to get to the activation screens, enter the code but on connecting it would fail with code 904 or 907, basically saying it cannot connect to the device.

All I want to do is share photos from my phone to the media box, not sure why I have to have internet access to do this or why once the code was shared it wouldn’t connect to the WDTV Hub. The hub has been updated to the latest firmware, so either it or the WD Photo app seems to have issues. Hope fully WD will provide an update soon and remove the requirement to have internet access to just share a photo.