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I have been running on my WD TV Live boxes (I have a few). They are suppost to be seeing my Windows 7 Pro share. All my XP and other windows system see the share. When I reboot the WD, it connects to the network get it’s DHCP assigned IP address, I do and window “net view” command a an XP box. I see the Window 7 and the WD boxes. When I select video from the menu, then go to share. The WD show another WD box on my network, when I move through the list on the WD box, I only see other WD TV live boxes none of the Windows Shares. Also, as I move throught the list, stops on one of WD boxes, then the list is not longer show on the screen. If I look a Media servers, I see the Windows 7 system. This has become a very frustrating issue. I have tried rebooting all switche and router on the network (5 HP 1810 switch, Linksys FW Router), it does seem to make a difference. Does any one know of a way just to put the IP address of the system doing the share. So that the WD box will see it. I don’t want to have to move the Files to a USB drive on one of the other WD boxes. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Have done all the Windows checking I can to. Thanks, Chuck S.

Sorry for the bad grammer and spelling. Chuck S.

What happens if you reset your network share and ensure “Guest”, “Everyone”, and “Anonymous Logon” are granted access?