Share Logins

Hey so I set up some shares and users. When I access the drive from my network it doesn’t restrict my access. It use to ask for the login but it just randomly stoped. Neither share is public and I restarted my computer and reset the logins so I am not current logged in, I even used a new computer that had no previous access.

I restarted the EX4 as well…

Navigate to the share configuration section and choose one of these shares.

Post a screenshot of what’s shown.

Is your Windows username/password same as what you assigned in the users tab in Ex4?

What happens if you change your windows account password on the computer and try accessing the Ex4 share (non-public)?

Did you select the “remember my credentials” checkbox when it prompted you for a password for the first time accessing the Ex4 share?

Also, try this to see if it helps:

THis seems to of been the problem. Once I deleted the account with my user name the logins started to work as expected.