Share function failed (400099) & Media server...error (400162)

Hi guy, my drive was working fine and sudenly most of its functionalities stoped working.

I’ve have seem on the forum that many users have had similar problems, but I am having all of them at the same time:

  • The (Free) Capacity of the drive is not showing on the dashboard.

  • I get an errors

  • Media server database internal server error. (400162)

  • Media server connected list internal server error. (400159)
    After trying a full rescan (which took 6 hours), the drive shows now that I have 0 media files (although there are many there on \Public).

  • I get an error ˜**Share function failed (400099)**˜ while trying to create a new share. I wanted to move some files from Public to a folder where they are not watched by the media server and try another database rebuild. But I did not even managed to create this new share.

  • On a Mac I cannot mount the driver using afp protocol, although I can use the “WD Mycloud software” and browse the files (even copied some to my computer).

  • I have done the “quick test” on System Diagnosis a few times. It used to finish with no errors. But last times it didnt (it got stucked at 90%).

I have already tried many reboot cycles with no luck. Then, today, after getting all those erros, I decided to do a “System Only Factory Restore”. But it did not change anything.

Any thought? Does it worth trying to reflash the firmware? I am hoping it is not a physical problem, because I am not in the USA and cannot return the drive now. How can I test if it is a physical problem? 

Hi fabriciosb, welcome to the WD Community. Have you updated the firmware to the latest version?

Hi jubei04,

Yes, I did. It has been runing on 4.01.02-417 basically since its release date. :frowning: