Share disappeared - help needed

Hey guys,

i was to delete one of the shares (“X”) via the browser UI: selected “X”, clicked the delete button, but after reload, share “Y” was missing, “X” being still there!
I am 100% sure I was deleting “Y”, as I checked it twice before doing the final click…
How this deleting happened is an other question, but now I desperately need to recover the data in “X” share.
Any ideas how to do that?
I am on OSX, mapped the WDMyCloud as network drive: the shares I see in the browser UI are the same as I see on the network drive via Finder, all shares being empty.
The browser UI says that there are 2TB videos, GBs of photos on the device: I presume that the files are there somewhere.
My firmware version does not support the Recycle Bin option (no button for that in shares or in general settings), so that direction is not an option…

firmware: v04.05.00-342
No safepoints either…


Please refer to the following KB article: Shares Missing in a My Cloud Dashboard

Contact support, they helped me with this problem

Hi, is the problem solved?