Share confusion - setting up backups

I’ve got some confusion with Shares and need some help in setting things up correctly.

My Environment: Win 10 – WorkGroup - WD MyCloud EX 4100 – (4) 2TB drives – configured as 4 volumes JBOD

Within the MyCloud dashboard I’ve created a Share on volume (disk1) called BackUp1.
I’ve mapped a network drive (H) to \WDMyCloudEX4100 and I can copy files there and open them.
I haven’t done anything with the menus for Users or Backups in the MyCloud dashboard

I want to be able to direct backups to folders on BackUp1. I will be using Veeam Free as my backup app on multiple home PCs. I would like to create subfolders on the share for each computer’s backup files.

I am unclear if there is a difference in the definition of Share within the WDMyCloudEX4100 and what Windows 10 calls a Share. Do they work together? Are they the same?

Do I need to do something special in Windows 10, other than maps a drive to the MyCloud device?

If you can help, please be detailed about configurations both on Win10 and MyCloud device.
Thank you in advance.

The shares are always of network devices. It is called shares on on the NAS device and windows 10. There is no another name or title assigned to the name of the shares of the NAS device ( like shares of My Cloud EX4100).