Share can be accessed but only see root directory and no files

I have created the shares and registrations. I have set the shares to read all files. I have sent the registration email to the person. The person is able to log in and gets the password prompt for the share. Then they open in finder (Mac computer) and all they see is the root directory and directories in the root. There are files in the root and they cannot see it. They can navigate to the directory off the root but they cannot see any files.

I have tried to access using the same rights on both a mac and a pc and was successful. I compared the Java setting of hers to my Mac and they match. She has accepted the certificate etc. The only difference I see is that when I test it I am at home and even though I am wireless I am attached to my router so theoretically I might not go through the web. She needs to access through the web.

Any thoughts on this issue?