Share Button (Open In)

Hopefully this has not been posted before. I searched the forum and couldn’t find anything on it.

Here is my situation.

I have the 4TB My Cloud - firmware updated and current.

This is networked at my home with all my devices able to read it and save to it. iPad Air 2, iPhone 6+, wifes iPhone 6+ and my Macbook. My wife and i downloaded the My Cloud app for our iPhones - both are current with updates. I added both of our devices through the WD Manager and entered activation codes for both devices.

Now here is my question that I can’t figure out. From the iPhones - both of us are able to log in and view any pictures we want. Both iPhones are syncing to the Cloud perfectly. However when I use my iPhone and select a picture. I can press the Share button and get the 4 options with the last one being Open In. I select Open In and it brings up Facebook, Twitter, etc to upload the picture to if I choose one. So it works fine.
My wifes iPhone is the same as mine with the same apps however when she selects Open In from the share button - the phone thinks for a minute and pops up this error “You do not have an app installed capable of opening this file” I’m so frustrated and can’t figure out what setting is not turned on for her that will allow her to upload a picture to Facebook if she wants. I just want to get this corrected for her.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Can you please check if her phone has the same firmware as yours. Also, you can try uninstalling the app and restating the phone and installing the app again.