Share Access for specific users randomly change, and what is the different between firmware version 2.x and version 04.x?

  • I edit share access to specific users, however when I reload the page it randomly change the share access i don’t want, so how do I fix it?
  • Whats the different between version 2.x and 04.x ?

See the following discussion:

V2.x is used on the newer second generation single bay My Cloud and the v4.x is used on the older first generation single bay My Cloud. The differences between the two My Cloud versions is hardware (see other discussion threads for more information on the hardware used).

You may want to look at this too, link to Knowledge Base.

For help with the first question, which version do you have?

Thanks, how about my first question?

As cat0w asked, which firmware My Cloud version do you have?

On Sunday I created new users and granted permissions to the share folder I logged off the My Cloud UI, I went to the workstation to login to the share it worked fine except the share folder was missing folders within. I thought that it was odd but I have a backup, so I copy and pasted the missing folders into the share, it took a few hours but all looked good, until I went to see the data, it was old info, not useable, as it wasn’t the current data. The Safepoint destination is another MY Cloud both with current firmware v04.04.05-101 and the Safepoint was created Feb2016, at some point the Safepoint data stopped backing up.
I called tech support, the first thing they had me do was a Full Diagnostic test from UI on the source drive where the data went missing. After 2 hours it was 90% after 10 hours it was 90%. Another tech agent at the 10 hour point in time had me do a System only restore. That restored the drive to default settings not changing data stored. Still missing the “lost” data. The drive shows 1.3TB free 650GB used. When I total up all the stored "visible files I am still missing about 85GB of data. I started my tech support journey on Tuesday when they opened for business 10:00 EST. I was told after the System only restore did not prove fruitful my case would be escalated to Level 2 tech support. I waited for 10 hours on Wednesday for a callback checking in every 2-3 hours and was told the same thing they are very busy assisting other customers and I would receive a callback in about 2 hours. I never did. I did get a supervisor to login to my PC and check the My Cloud drive and everything he did I did and came to the conclusion that Level 2 needs to SSH into the drive to see about restoring the missing data. He said they had issues with their system and would get to me today Friday 27JAN2017. I called today at 12:00 EST , the time I was told Level 2 support start work and the Level 1 tech said Level 2 tech support will call me back in 2-3 hours!
After all this, I was looking for a phone number to complain about the lack of support with this issue, when I came across this post that seems to be very similar to mine. I would greatly appreciate any and all help!