Share access after firmware update to 04.04.03-113


I noticed that after having upgraded my Mycloud head to fw 04.04.03-113,
even if my shares are granted full access, I cannot write to it…

I checked share perms and they are fullcontroll granted.

I have multiple share having same problem.

Any idea what’s wrong ? I googled and found some issues with file perms after fw upgrade.

Thanks for helping me !

Cheers from Belgium


(My head is My Cloud head, 4TB Hdd version)

Cannot write to the Shares using which computer or mobile OS or program/software?

Sometimes strange issues after a firmware upgrade can be fixed by performing a 4 second reset or a 40 second system restore.

I am accessing from Win7 x64 SPI fresh install system
I am trying to copy file using native windows file explorer.
Antivirus sw also turned off. Local fw disabled.
All reads is ok, write not.