Share a folder (view only) and have a password / security to access it

I just bought My Cloud Home 4 TB.

I want to share a folder called Photos with 6 family members. I want them to be able to view this folder. I do not want this folder to be shared publicly, so there needs to be a password to access it.

So far I only see two options.

  1. Share > Send Link (View Only): This link I can definitely send to them and share the files. However, there is no password. So they could post or send this link to other people. I don’t want that to happen. I only want my 6 family members to see this folder.

  2. Share > Invite To Collaborate. This allows them to view and have a password to access the folder, but it also allows them to EDIT. I don’t want them to edit my folder at all.

Surely there has to be a happy medium? How can I share my Photos folder with some family but also require a password for them to see it?


@user678292 You can use the Knowledge Base to find more information.

I am aware of the knowledgebase, but I do not see a solution yet. The article you posted says the family folder is depreciated. I do not see any family folder option.

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If you looked at the other links available in the one I sent you it should be under Shared now.

The shared folder gives the family member full access to the Photos folder I created. They are able to add and delete files, which I do not want. Is there some other feature or way to make this shared access VIEW / READ ONLY?

My original post contains the instructions (option 2 in my post) where you Share > Invite to Collaborate. I do not see how to limit this option to read only. My family members could accidentally delete photos.

Sharing a Folder:

(I want view ability. I do not want edit and share abilities.)

Access a Family Member Has When a Folder is Shared:

(I don’t want them to Add to Album, Rename, or Delete. I want them to only view the folder and files.)

Additionally, sharing a link (option 1 in my original post) won’t work because that makes it public. I need a password to protect the files from any random person seeing it. Is that an option?

I hope I am missing something here. Any insight? Otherwise I will have to return this product.

I guess you bought the wrong device then. In the first link I gave you it has this “A Shared Folder/Photo supports only viewing and adding of a description.”