SFTP support fr My Cloud EX2

I would like My Cloud EX2 to support SFTP. Currently because of locked down shell access only to sshd users I cannot have a way of setting up users either via the dashboardor via ssh access to setup scp and therefore sftp access. Would really like to see my file transfers being done securely rather than unprotected ftp.

Idea was originally posted on the link bellow: http://community.wd.com/t5/Personal-Cloud-Ideas/Please-support-sftp/idi-p/650551

Ok thanks - I did but wasn’t sure since that was for the My Cloud product and didn’t know if it needed a separate submission for EX2 product which is different from the single drive My Cloud product…and has different codebase (and the My Cloud product doesn’t have a dashboard like EX2/EX4)