Setup watching a movie

Just a question,

If you are watching a movie, and you need to change a parameter in the setup configuration, does it necessary to stop the movie, go HOME, setup, change the configuration, back to HOME, find the movie and re-start it?

Or there is another way to do it.

If there is no way to do it in a different manner, please, WD team, may you include in next firmware releases?

If you press menu, by default the movie will stop. You can do setttings and need to start the movie. You will have option of watching the movie from beginning or from where you left. But, I feel this depends on our luck only, as many times I dont get this option.

WDTV Live believe in adding spice to our life. But this spice will become bit too much when we want to watch a DVD from where we left.

Thanks for the answer.

I have also an ASUS O!play and while you are playing a movie, you can press setup buttom, modify what you need and exit from setup.

The movie stays in background while you change the options, and when you exit, the setup menu disappers and the movie comes to foreground.