Setup tool will not allow setup due to update firmware requirement


I have just bought a My Book Live 2TB.  On my Macbook air i have downloaded the Setup tool, however when i start the setup programme on the “select MyBooK LIve” screen, it says “to set this My Book Live up, You must update it to the latest firmware version”  and guides me to the dashboard.  From here it tells me my current firmware is 02.11.09-053 : Core F/W. So i have then tried the “check for update” but it says my firmware is up to date.  I then updated the firm ware manually using the firmware download from the website.  This provides firmware  2.11.09 - 053, which is obviously the same as that already installed.  never the less i installed it manually anyway.

After succesful installtion, i then re-start the setup tool, and frustratingly it continues to display the same message not allowing me to progress with the set up!

Very frustrating, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,


Where did you get this setup tool?

We pulled the firmware down earlier this week, which is why the tool is not finding the latest firmware.

The set up tool is from the URL

Using the dashboard I have set everything up correctly now I believe, at least I have all photos on the drive working via WDphoto app and wd2go online.

So I hope I won’t experience any problems having set this up now, unless you advise any actions?

Thank you again

You should be fine. You can also use the CD for now. Once we have the firmware reposted, you can run through the setup program. It won’t affect anything you have done.