Setup RAID mode not working


I have just received an EX2 but can’t get it to work.
When pressing the ‘setup raid mode’ button nothing happens.

In the disk status menu it just keeps stuck on ‘please wait’

Changing the Browser and pc, hard reset the device and changing hard disks doesn’t help.

Any help is highly appreciated!

After trying for hours switching computers und updating firmwares I solved the issue by connecting the hard drives via an external casing to a windows(!) pc, formatted the disk and created a single partition in ntfs.

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Next time you run into this, try using the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows.

It only works on WD drives, of course, but you can low-level format them and test.

Handy when there are partitions (i.e protected) on the drives which diskpart can’t see or touch.

I pulled two WD RED drives from other NAS’s and diskpart couldn’t even see the other partitions, which were apparently protected. I was surprised but it’s possible.

This is exactly what i came here for. I am experiencing the same thing with my PR4100. Looks like ill be formatting in windows as well :frowning: