Setup question

Hello all,

Recently bought a HUB and I’m trying to configure it to be as simple as possible for all the family members to use. I intend on installig themes in the future, however my biggest grip at the moment is navigating along a fairly lengthy folder structure just to get to the tv/movie files to get them to play off my NAS which seems to be detected under the MEDIASERVER option.

So I click on:


then i get the following options [selection in CAPS]

VIDEOS Photos Music

All files FOLDERS



then i get to the folder structure on the NAS

which shows the entire structure on the drive where i have 2 more steps to get to the area that has my movies/tv/sport/events

Is there a way to set up the Videos to show only the four specific target folders as soon as it’s entered?

I hope this made sense

Via Media Server:  No.

Via Network Shares: Yes.

thanks for clearing that up. but I can’t see the NAS under network shares. i can see the desktop and the laptop, but not the NAS.

any thoughts as to what I’m doing wrong?

The most common likely issue is that the workgroup name on your NAS or WD doesn’t match the rest of your network.

thanks Tony,

i have everything set up in a way that i think should see the NAS recognised by the Hub, but still nothing.

is there a step by step process or file someone has previously put together that I could go over?

There’s very little to be done on the WD. I would go check the forums for your NAS and see what the might offer, or tell us the make and model here and maybe someone has the same hardware.

it’s a d-link dns323

i’ve attached some screen grabs. knowing me, they are probably irrelevent, but here goes

image 1+2 are from the windows explorer tree, showing the NAS as visible and accessible

image 3 showing it as an attached device in my routers admin page

image 4 showing the group setting in the NAS’s admin page



look, the WD works a charm, however the OOTB UI isn’t as crash hot as say the boxee box. I’m trying to get it close to that standard and failing miserably at the moment.