Setup Network Shares for WDTVLIVE?


I just joint to the WDTVLIVE community. I want to know how to set up “Network Shares” for WDTVLIVE with my

PC loaded Media Center 2002.

  1. Can the WDTVLIVE  access video files on my PC via Ethernet Networking ? How to setup on my PC??

     My WDTVLIVE loaded with version 1.01.00. Should I load new version 1.01.17 ???

  1. How to setup Media Servers for WDTVLIVE ?

Please excuse for me. I just new in the community , so please direct me to the right section to read …



Network shares is fairly easy, but you don’t say which operating system you are using.  If XP just use Windows Explorer and right click the folder you want to share and choose Properties and then select the Sharing tab (if I recall correctly – I’m on Win 7).  Then share that folder.

I don’t know anything about the media server in Live (I HATE media servers, as in general they are very unreliable).