Setup: is a used HDD get formatted during NAS' setup?

Hey there!

I’ve bought this NAS and seems awesome. It arrived home on yesterday, but I haven’t had enough time so as to configure it.

For the time being and until I buy a larger HDD, I wanna attach a 2TB desktop HDD I’d installed on my desktop computer, which obviously has data which I DON’T WANNA LOSE. So my question is the following: will I lose my data while configuring my NAS with that HDD? Or I’ll be let decide whether to format my drive or not?

Another further question I ask myself is that whether I will be able to add it as a network drive on any windows (I want to use it as if it would be connected locally on my computer) or linux OS (I wanna mount it every time my Raspberry pi starts up, using fstab; later to configure any program to access to data located in the NAS).

Thank you for your kind help!

Jon I.

if you connect the HDD without creating any raid the disk will not be compromised.

For the static share there are no problem, nas will appear like a network disk and you can connect at restart of any windows versions

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Thanks! I feel relieved :smile: