Setup Error Messages

Hi, There.

I just bought my WD 3T mycloud today and hit setup as instructed, First I setup on Iphone, It worked, then I went to my Mac, but then I got this error message and I got this:

And could not go further. Even my mobile access http://wdmycloud.local.

Mycloud is blue light. Wifi is working.

Please help.

Very appreciated.

kind regards


Hello and welcome to the WD community.

If you go yo finder, are you sable to see the unit or is it no visible under the shared section on finder?

Hi, ArMak.

I checked and I can see the WDMyClound and I can also access it and copy files to the folders, used just as an external drive but not a cloud. I tried the setup again. same result.

Thanks for the help, Hope you or someone can find a solution.

Kind regards



On this case, i recommend contacting support so they can further assist you on this matter:

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I contacted the support centre. It’s frustrated to know that this kind of problems happened very often because of their software glitch. I need to download a MDMyClound desktop app which they never mentioned on their instructions. Even though, it still takes a few tries by restarting my cloud again.

But the good thing is, it works now even I can never finish the setup process.

Thanks for your help. 

Which is the mdm program you installed?

It never really worked. So just used as an external drive for my computer. regret to buy this so called cloud.