Setup connection error - thought it was supposed to be easy to setup?


I’m not very computer savy so please bear with me.

I just got the My Book Live 2TB and went to install it on my Windows 7 (32bit) machine.  I have a D-Link DIR-655 router and assumed that installed by CD should be easy enough.  I’d really like to connect to the drive as the cloud storage which is why I purchased this after reading reviews.

WHen I got to this step similar to the image below

WD UI cannot connect.JPG

It told me that “‘A connection with the server could not be established’”.

That’s weird. It gave me the shortcut and showed up on “My Computer”.  I could click into it and see the file directory and I’m pretty sure I can. But the probem is I could not go to the 3rd step and “install”.  I don’t know what it needs to install but I couldn’t get there. 

So, I look on my programs and see that the WD Smart ware is installed.  Ok, that’s good I guess. I figure I can now go to the drive and the setup button would take me somewhere to install whatever I didn’t get when the first attempt failed.

WD Smart ware.JPG

The window browser with the IP address that it was originally installed on pops up and tries to load the dashboard (I think).  

WD UI cannot connect.JPG

So now I am stuck and cannot complete the setup and probably can’t access files “on the cloud”.

I’m a bit frustrated. I can access the drive like this:

wd ip.JPG

But can’t get to the dashboard or whatever I need to setup.

If anybody can give some advice to me (hopefully simplistic advice so I can follow and understand :smileyvery-happy: )  … that would be terrific!

Thanks in advance.

If you have smartware installed and can access the public folder, the only thing that you are missing is how to access the dashboard.