Setup a "used" My Could DL4100 (I can't get past step 2)

I purchased an open box version of the DL4100 last week. I’ve been running the home version 2tb for a while and I’m really looking forward to the upgrade. But when I plug it in, and attempt to follow the instructions, the URL in the documentation doesn’t work: http://wdmycloudDL4100/

Chrome just says: “This webpage is not available”

Now what?

I’m on Windows 7 Pro. The DL4100 is connected directly to the router. And my workstations is connected to the router. The 2tb My Cloud is set up exactly the same and running fine.

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look at the lcd or your dhcp server and see what the ip is and try that. While at the LCD you might look if the name was changed

By the way, thank you for this response! That helped, but I was having issues with the power supply also, so I returned it.