Settings on My Dashboard is not displaying

I have a 2TB My Book Live.  I can’t complete the remote setup since the Settings option on my Dashboard is not displaying.  I call WD support and they told me it’s a defect and return it to store.  I exchange it out for another brand new one at the store and same issue happening again.  Could it be another defect?  2 in a row?  Or is it my PC? 

I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit Service pack 1.

When clicking on the settings, it prompt ‘Please Wait’.  Then it returns back to main screen to select Settings again.  Placing mouse over the Settings displays ‘Systems’,‘Network’, Utilities, etc.  I can click on the other options and it displays fine.  ie; Users, shares, and support.  Clicking on Settings or sharepoints displays nothing.

Please help, this is my 2nd MBL and hopefully have it to work soon.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Make sure that you have the latest updates for java and flash player.

It’s very rare that you buy two defective products.

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Thannk fro your reply Help4All …  I did update both my java and flash and problem still exist.  I think if it was a flash/java setting then the other options wouldn’t work as well.  ie: I see the side panel come up when clicking on Users/Shares/Support.  But nothing when clicking settings.  Calling support now getting wierd fax noises.


Same problem here.  Getting a blank “Settings” screen in Dashboard when click on Settings.

Functions in Dashboard:


Users: WORKS

Shares: WORKS


Support: WORKS

New info:

Was using dashboard via Safari.  Switched to Windows machine running Firefox.

Am able to see Settings now.

It’s not rendering properly on Safari or the HTML background is hiding the display.