Settings for Rendering from After Effects or Premiere for Best Quality

I want to export some video with audio from After Effects for use on my WD TV player. I will be playing back on a 1080p LCD (or perhaps a 1080i panel). I have tried several video settings and audio settings for the format of my final piece, but none of them will play back the audio (the final rendered files do sound fine in, say, QuickTime player or iTunes). I am connecting to the monitor via HDMI, and my Blu-ray player uses the same cable and works fine.

I would like to ask, what are the best settings to go for so that I get the very best video playback without noise or jaggies when playing back on a 1080p or 1080i display, and get the audio to play at all.

I am looking for (A) the file format to choose, (B) the video compression settings to choose and © the audio compression settings to use. And at the very highest quality possible.

Thanks for any help!!


If you aren’t an After Effects use, I am sure Premiere uses very similar output settings. I will even take suggestions from Final Cut Pro users or anyone else who has faced a similar problem. Anything at all will help!