Setting up

Hello all. Sorry if this sounds like a funny question but I have recently bought EX2 8TB for my office. I do not have an internet connection and will be primarily using on office LAN to backup data from PCs running Windows. MY question…

How do I do the initial setup?
Does it have a default IP and username and pwd which I can simply connect using browser on PC after connecting it to my LAN switch?
I understand that if it has a default IP I might have to change it on one of my PCs to connect to it before changing the EX2 IP to my networks…

Any help will be appreciated

Connect your EX2 to your network. Look on your router for “attached devices”. The IP address assigned by your router’s DHCP will be there. Then access that IP address from your browser.

Thanks. Is there a default IP which the drive might have? I don’t have a DHCP setup.

Something on your network needs to be a DHCP device or your network won’t work. Setup DHCP on your router - you don’t need an internet connection to do this.

The reason i don’t use DHCP is because i assign fixed IP address to all my devices. So if i know the default IP address which comes with this device, i should be able to connect with on PC atleast.

Try DHCP. If you can get that to work, then try static IP addresses.

AH. . . the crux of the problem.

The WD device will default to DHCP address assigned by the router.
If the DHCP functionality is disabled on your router. . . .welp. . .there’s your problem.

The easy way: Enable DHCP. From the router configuration menus. . . you should be able to “see” the device and “bind” a unique IP address based upon the MAC address the router sees for the new device. Once you assign the IP. . .turn DHCP back off. . . and reboot the router.

The hard way: Find the MAC address on the device. Should be on a sticker somewhere. Using that MAC address… . go into the router configuration and manually enter the MAC address and desired IP address.