Setting up videos on NAS

I would like to stream lossless blu ray to my home theater. I have figured out the hardware and software to get blu ray to lossless mkv files but I definitely need help in setting up the WD live player. My setup: Synology NAS blu ray lossless .mkv files Wired wd live SMP I have played around with various scenarios (e.g. turn media server on the NAS, create NFS shares on NAS) trying to figure out the best way to display my videos. I’m at the point where I don’t even see a choice for the media library manager when I choose videos from the home menu. The dashboard is not available either because of this issue. The player works great playing files from either the media server or NFS shares, but the interface is pretty cumbersome and ugly. I have to drill down shares or folders and then select a mkv file. I would like to start over and build a library where I can go to videos, see cover art and the media player “knows” where the mkv file is stored. Rather spend some upfront time now before I build out a bigger library.

When I read “stream” I think of playing media from Point A to Point B within the network; either via wired or wirelessly.  My home network is pretty well configured, as the house came built as CAT5-ready.  So, four rooms are wired and can stream media to and fro effortlessly.  For a “stress test”  I had three DVD ISO files going at once between the Live Plus and between two or three computers, some wirelessly, with no problems.  So, I believe the home network to be quite robust.

The one thing that doesn’t stream well are high quality MKV files from my blu-rays.  There is stuttering quite often between the smooth running parts; some won’t even play via streaming.  These MKV files run perfectly off the HD connected to the Live Plus when viewed on TV.  They don’t even run smooth on the Win 7 laptop using VLC (whereas the blu-ray ISO file that is the source of the MKV file runs perfectly on laptop using CyberLink PowerDVD 9.)

So, I’ve concluded that MKV files are not all they are touted to be, and are best suited for playing off the HD via the media player.

Anyone who wants to disagree is welcome to, because I really would like the MKV files to stream better if I only knew how.