Setting up via a wireless network


I’ve got a 1 TB My Book for my PC, and for the last year have simply been plugging it into my laptop as and when I need it, as keeping the USB always plugged in is a pain. However the other day I noticed that my wireless router has a USB slot, so thought I’d try to plug it in there instead, largely so as to try and get more use out of it.

At present this appears to have worked; I can find and access the drive through the Network tab on my computer. However it is accessed through BTHub3 > USB_disc > Western_Digital_1058333_1 rather than as a drive in it’s own right. In addition, I cannot access it through the WD Smartware software, so cannot setup backups etc through this arrangement.

I assume I need to configure the drive in some way to allow it to be recognised as a drive itself, and ideally would like to have full functionality as if it were plugged into the computer. However I don’t know how to go about doing this. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,


Hi there, the ONLY MyBook that can work with Smartware over the network is the MYbook Live, so this is not going to work with Smartware. If you’re on Vista/W7 Pro or Ultimate then Windows Backup should be able to see the drive over the network for backups.


A pity. Thanks for the help!